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"America needs a plan in place to encourage the discovery and development of better medicines as well as make treatment options affordable.  Finding cures for diseases should be a top national priority." - James Pinkerton, Tomorrow's Cures Today

Tomorrow's Cures Today Foundation is a Washington DC-based 501(c)(3) educational organization focused on educating Americans and heightening the public's awareness of the regulatory hurdles that slow the discovery of cures in the United States.

Our objective is to promote a national agenda for speeding the discovery of cures which is based on free-market principles and to communicate the importance of restructuring how therapeutic drugs are developed, tested and delivered. 

To achieve that objective we organize the research, experts, organizations, companies and patients that can provide an understanding of the problems within our current drug approval system and concrete solutions which will speed treatments and cures to patients now and in the future. 




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"Millions of Americans are in pain and suffer needlessly.  Thousands of Americans die unnecessarily as they wait for promising new drugs  to make their way through  an unnecessarily long approval process.

What we see is death and suffering  that is attributed to approving drugs with dangerous side effects; but what we don't see is the death and suffering due to regulatory delay.  Those victims are invisible."

Bartley J. Madden - author of "Free To Choose Medicine"



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