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"Our objective is to bring consumer choice and competition to the drugs-to-patients system in the United States" -

Vincent Galbiati, President & CEO - Tomorrow's Cures Today Foundation

Tomorrow's Cures Today Foundation (TCTF) is an independent, privately funded, not-for-profit, policy research organization that works to create a better regulatory environment for companies, government agencies, research institutions, and scientists to find cures for diseases.

TCTF views itself as part of a broader public movement.  We believe that a national comprehensive "cures" strategy will result in better health outcomes, government heath care costs savings, job creation in the life-sciences, new medicines for global use, and new technological business growth. 

TCTF seeks to be part of a growing coalition aimed at a comprehensive agenda that addresses the systemic barriers that impede the development of new drugs, and prevents more innovation and investment into life-saving medical research. 

TCTF focuses on educating Americans and heightening the public's awareness of the regulatory hurdles that slow the discovery of cures in the United States, restrict funding for primary research, and hinder productivity that results in exorbitant drug prices.

The foundation assembles and organizes research, medical experts, organizations, companies and patients that can best provide an overall understanding of the problems within our current drug approval system, the severity of the limitations to developing medical cures, and the wide spread inefficiencies of the biopharmaceutical industry due to excessive regulatory demands.

A systems-based approach can now align the motivations of patients, doctors, drug manufacturers, and regulators, and make the search for life-saving cures more collaborative and face paced.

TCTF was formed pursuant to IRC 501(c)(3) and incorporated in Washington DC. 

Tomorrow's Cures Today Foundation will create a national program focused on developing cures as America's top health priority.  Its goal is to promote solutions that would lower the drug development costs and provide more high quality information to greatly accelerate the discovery and production of new medicines. 

We want to foster a regulatory environment compatible with the advancements of medical technologies and biomedical informatics, making it possible for more investment, competitive approval processes, and new methods of discovery to emerge more freely and quickly in order to deliver better drugs, sooner at lower costs.